Topographic surveys are a critical component of all engineering design projects to determine the surface of the earth and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon. The survey may be performed using a combination of aerial mapping supplemented with field surveys or conventional survey techniques utilizing robotic total stations and or GPS RTK methods.



INFRA DAMCo. have been contracted by engineering, architectural and residential design firms to provide surveying services for the development of residential/commercial properties and infrastructure projects.

We utilizes the latest technologies to perform the Surveying/mapping services offered by us includes,

  • Topographic survey,
  • Cadastral Survey,
  • Route Survey,
  • Utility Surveys,
  • Urban Planning/Property Survey,
  • Engineering Surveys

Right of Way Surveying services are most commonly used for the preparation of Right of Way documents for use in the Transportation and Utility/Energy Sectors.

Right of way determination for acquisition documents for alignment corridor projects such as:

  •       Pipelines
  •       Highways/Roads
  •       Transmission Lines
  •       Water Pipelines/Systems
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